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New Pallets & Skids

Pallets-R-Us, Inc.
555 Woodside Avenue

Bellport, Long Island, NY  11713

#  (631)-947-2500

Pallets-R-Us, Inc. manufactures standard and custom sized new pallets and skids from virgin materials to fit your material handling needs.  Our pallets are built to your spec, and can be used in any industry, for any use.  We provide our customers with total pallet solutions and services. Whatever the requirement, Pallets-R-Us has solutions when it comes to pallet & skid challenges. We have pallet specialists on staff to help you with your pallet and skid needs.  We keep up to date on all pallet government regulations that affect our customers.


New Pallets & Skids are available
 in all sizes..




Panel Deck


Heat Treated ISPM 15


Four -way



Two-way non-reversible

expendable skids

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