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Like any asset, pallets need proper maintenance & repair to achieve their full cost savings potential. We can evaluate your pallet program and help you make an impact on environmental waste disposal issues that are also a cost savings for you. We also offer a  Pallet Pallet Removal.  Pallets are not only an eyesore, but their disposal costs your company money! We will eliminate your disposal problems.  Our Pallet and wood recovery services allow for:


Earth Friendly Practices For A Greener Tomorrow

Saving 1 Acre of Forest for Every 1000 Board Ft. Of Wood Recycled

Reducing Wood Waste that is currently 17% of Landfills

Recovery & Recycling of wood from waste streams

Cleaning up Your Business yet being Environmentally Friendly


Being environmentally aware benefits us all.  Pallets-R-Us, Inc. will accept all clean wood, pallets and skids. 

 reconditioned/recycled pallets and skids offer the most economical way of purchasing standard sized and odd sized pallets & skids. We inspect, sort, and repair each grade of pallet with any necessary repairs to the deck boards, fasteners, or runners. Our pallet builders then affix a Pallet Track label to identify the repair and grade.




Our recycling programs can include old pallet removal, sorting and either repair/return or disposal features to effectively reduce your costs.

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