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Pallets-R-Us, Inc.
555 Woodside Avenue

Bellport, Long Island, NY  11713

#  (631)-947-2500

Pallets-R-Us, Inc. provides Pallets Pallet Removal.  Pallets are not only an eyesore, but their disposal costs your company money! We will eliminate your disposal problems.  Our Pallet and wood recovery services allow for:


Earth Friendly Practices For A Greener Tomorrow

Saving 1 Acre of Forest for Every 1000 Board Foot Of Wood Recycled

Reducing Wood Waste that is currently 17% of Landfills

Recovery & Recycling of wood from waste streams

Cleaning up Your Business yet being Environmentally Friendly


Being environmentally aware benefits us all.  Pallets-R-Us, Inc. will accept all clean wood, pallets and skids. 



Our recycling programs can include old pallet removal, sorting and either repair/return or disposal features to effectively reduce your costs.

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